30 Ways to Tell if Someone Is a Tennis Player Without Asking

There are millions of tennis players in the United States, but how do you find out who they are without asking directly? Here’s 30 ways you can easily spot a tennis enthusiast. 

1. They knew the score of the U.S. Open final, but not any from Sunday football.

2. They own a visor, not ironically.

3. When you shook their hand you wondered if theirs were the roughest calluses you’ve ever felt.

4. They thought this whole time you guys were talking about Donald Young’s rankings, not Donald Trump’s.

5. You’ve noticed that they’re hoarding an absurd amount of bananas and do not own a pet monkey.

6. They have no second thoughts about wearing all white after Labor Day.

7.  They have a legit Popeye arm that is noticeably much larger than the other.

8. Their feet are remarkably more pale than the rest of their body and they’re absolutely cool with flaunting them in a pair of sandals. 

9. They referred to the world’s No. 1 golfer as “Caroline Wozniacki’s ex.”

10. Their car is littered with tennis balls and they don’t have a dog.

11. They’ve suddenly adopted strong feelings about Drake despite not knowing the motto.

12. During a casual sand volleyball game, they attempted to put topspin on their serve.

13. They got confused when you referred to Deliotte as one of The Big Four, and responded, “Did you mean Djokovic?”

14. They were silent during play at a rowdy sporting event.

15. Their clothes always seem to be covered in a light yellow fuzz.

16. When you said a Fed was coming, they got excited, not panicky.

17. They work out at the gym in a collared shirt and/or skirt.

18. When they flubbed a presentation at work you heard them scolding themselves as they forcefully slapped the back of their thigh.

19. Every time you see them they look slightly more tan.

20. They grunt loudly when doing things that require minimal effort.

21. They think ESPN 3 is better than ESPN.

22. When you asked who was making a racket, without hesitation they responded, “Babolat.”

23. They don’t think tucking objects into their pants is weird.

24. They have odd tension with golfers.

25. Their phone keeps autocorrecting “K” to “Kei.”

26.They enjoy smashing expensive objects when frustrated.

27. They hate rain more than most people.

28. And get weirdly annoyed when it’s windy outside. 

29. They’re constantly complaining about body cramps.

30. And finally, They often passively disagree with you by saying, “Are you sure?”


I grew up in a tennis family with three younger sisters as doubles partners. If you enjoyed a blog post of mine or want to know more, feel free to email me at avery@mytennislessons.com. Thanks for reading and staying connected with MyTennisLessons!
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