8 Reasons Why Being a Tall Tennis Player Ain’t Easy

People think a tall tennis player has it easy. Not so much. Whether it’s galloping for a drop shot or getting down for a half-volley, it’s tough out there for a human longbody.

1. Getting low for slices is equivalent to getting coal for Christmas.

this displeases me1

2. We try, but we simply cannot toss the ball high enough for serves.

let it go

3. Crouching at the net when our doubles partner serves. You can’t hide from an inevitable peg.


4. We don’t understand why a 3.5-foot net is stopping a 6-foot athlete. It’s a tad bit frustrating.

fuck this game

5. People think your serve is all you’ve got.


6. Returning a body serve looks like you’re fending off a swarm of killer bees.


7. Changing direction feels like a slowmo trip and fall scenario.


8. After you win, you really want to rub it in to your opponent’s face for having tried to exploit your tallness.

winning dance

What other tall (or short) tennis problems bug you? Let us know in the comments section below!


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