A Few Crazy Tennis Fads

Humanity baffles me sometimes.

NetPro Tennis Cards

At the 1991 US Open, tennis cards were all the fashion, even at their steep $2 price. Shockingly, the hype did not stick around, but you can still buy cards of your favorite current players if interested.

andre and navratilova

Tennis Jorts

Why, Andre Agassi, why? And when we thought it was all in the past, Serena Williams just had to try to revive it.

agassi and serena

Mad Raq

Madeleine Hauptman was not satisfied with the horizontal and vertical stringing pattern on her tennis racket, and switched it up with a triangular pattern. While a few professional players picked it up in the late 80s and early 90s, the funky string pattern did not last in the tennis world.

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 11.30.52 AM

The Popped Collar

Did you know that this frat boy-dominated style was actually started by a tennis player? René Lacoste to be exact. Tired of the stiff dress shirts, Lacoste created a softer collar that could be turned up to protect one’s neck from the elements. Who knew it would all go so wrong? 

layered-polos - shopflexi.com

Cardio Tennis

Here’s the new tennis fad, everyone! Crank up the music and dance and socialize your way through an hour of tennis drills and cardio. It may look dumb, but I honestly wouldn’t be opposed to trying this one myself.



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