Open Wide: Flushing Meadows Serves Foodies Well

While we hope MyTennisLessons has satisfied your appetite for tennis coverage throughout the U.S. Open, the tournament is much more than what happens on the court. The grounds at Flushing Meadows offer an experience unlike any other grand slam. The passionate crowds, sprinkled with celebrity faces, and atmosphere under the late-night lights in Arthur Ashe Stadium are among the many characteristics that make this tournament special. But did you know the Open is also known for its food? The on-site restaurants and stalls outside the stadiums, or Food Village, have been reviewed by New York Magazine, Forbes and Sports Illustrated to name a few. If you’re ready to get your wine and dine on for the finals this weekend, here’s what we know:

Food critic Ed Levine gave a harsh review of Food Village’s offerings, but lauds the pastrami sandwich and Carnegie knish as two of his faves, noting the sandwich is better than pastrami you can get at “90 percent of the delis in New York.” 

Christine Tsai/
Christine Tsai/ via
Christine Tsai/ via

Self-described “wannabe” chef Hunter Adkins praises Pat LaFrieda‘s popular stand at the grounds, recommending the steak sandwich of which he says, “crunchy bread leads to the oozy cheese melded with the silky onions draped over the tender medium-rare filet.”

New York Magazine critics declared the winners from the Open’s restaurant scene as Aces, where diners can enjoy seafood in an “airy white expanse” among the “V-neck sweater spectators” from the nearby luxury suites, and also Champions Bar & Grill, a steakhouse that “artfully” gestures to tennis’ history in its decor.

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Hungry yet? Eat up. You’re going to need some nourishment with tennis that’s this intense.



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