How to Choose a Kids Tennis Racket

Do you need to purchase a tennis racket for a young, beginner tennis player? Has your son or daughter outgrown their old tennis racket?

With the overwhelming number of tennis rackets on the market today, it can be difficult to select the right one. What brand and style are right for your child? MyTennisLessons makes finding a kids tennis racket easier with our simplified guide.



Ages 6-7

23 inches

Children who are learning to play tennis for the first time need a lightweight model with a small grip and large head size. These features will make it easier for them to grip and swing the racket as well as connect with the ball. Although a 21-inch racket is also appropriate for this age group, the slightly longer model gives your child some room to grow.

The Head Instinct fits these specifications nicely because it has one of the larger head sizes for this length racket as well as a 3 ¾-inch grip (the average adult grip size is about 4 ½ inches). It also weighs significantly less than the Wilson junior rackets of similar size.

Ages 8-10

25 inches

If you have a child who’s been taking tennis lessons for a while, they’ve probably mastered the basics of the game. A beginner’s racket will hold them back as they’re starting to develop spin and power. At the same time, you want a large head size that’s forgiving of errors along with a racket weight that your kid can handle.

A best-selling option for junior players ages 8-10 is the Babolat AeroPro Drive. This is based off the racket Rafael Nadal uses, so it’s perfect for baseline play. The model is designed with the competitive 10 and under player in mind, allowing kids to hit heavier, more accurate shots.

Ages 10-12

26 inches

Depending on your child’s height and weight, they may be ready to move on to an adult racket at this age. If you still want your child to use a junior racket (they’re much cheaper) there are several great options that will offer them spin, control and power.

The Wilson Juice 26 is a top-selling racket for advanced junior players that’s slightly lighter and smaller than the adult version. The 16×15 string pattern allows for greater spin, and the wide beam increases power. Handle technology also dampens impact vibrations. It’s a great choice for a competitive player who may not be ready to hit with a full-sized racket.

Racket Purchasing Tip!

If you want to let your child try out a bunch of different rackets before purchasing, check out Tennis Warehouse’s Demo Program. Order up to four rackets from the site at no cost except shipping. You can keep the rackets for one week before mailing them back.


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