MyTennisLessons Coaches Reflect: Why MTL is Perfect for Me

At MyTennisLessons we have instructors from every walk of life and teaching background. Whether you’re fresh out of college or you’re a USPTA certified coach with over 30 years of teaching experience MyTennisLessons is an essential asset for any tennis coach.

Sure, we could list all the reasons why you’d be crazy not follow the lead of over 1,000 tennis coaches nationwide and team up with MyTennisLessons, but I’ll let them do the talking. Here’s what our dedicated instructors have to say.

Doug M – Miami, FL

Doug has been playing tennis since a young age, played division 1 tennis and is a certified level 2 USPTA tennis professional.

  • Doug on how additional students have helped him… “MyTennisLessons has been a very good source of supplemental income. It has been a pleasure working with their students and dealing with the company. Miami is a very competitive market, and a referral source such as MyTennisLessons has been helpful to gain more market share.”
  • Doug on the importance of flexibility…“It is very important to have the ability to take on clients when and where I want. Volume is really key in the tennis teaching business and being able to fill the hours in a day. With the ability to add new students into the schedule when and where has been integral in running a successful tennis teaching business.”

Rachel P – Houston, TX

Rachel is a recent college graduate where she was the captain of her college tennis team. Before locking down a job in her field she’s relying on her seven years of teaching experience to make money.

  • Rachel on why MTL students are important to a recent graduate… “Being able to coach tennis and give lessons has been great. Most people fresh out of college can have a hard time finding jobs, but the fact that my job is something I love and has been apart of my life for so long is a blessing. I’m hoping to find a job in public relations and coach as well, so we’ll see how that balances out, but I’m definitely up for the challenge!”
  • Rachel on the simplicity of customer acquisition… “As a newer instructor to MyTennisLessons the student acquisition process has been great. I wasn’t sure how everything was going to work out at first but the process is so simple, and all my students are extremely nice and coachable, which makes for a great tennis lesson.”

Nicholas G – Philadelphia, PA

Nicholas is originally from France and spends the majority of his time teaching lessons (independently and within the club setting) and training for match play himself. He is a former college player who has over a decade of high level teaching experience.

  • Nicholas on how MyTennisLessons is more effective than other services…I have had a great experience with the site managers as well as my customers. I have been listed on other websites but have gained more sustainable business through MTL than anywhere else. The best part is that I have had great fun teaching my clients, and have found that they are all very eager to learn tennis.  This has made my job very easy and manageable.”
  • Nicholas on how MTL works around his busy schedule… “It is extremely important to me that my students fit into my schedule, since I dedicate a lot of my time to improving my own tennis game and fitness. I find that my clients are very understanding of my schedule, even when I have to spend a weekend away playing a tournament or just simply tending to other matters.”

Kyle M – Los Angeles, CA

Kyle formerly played four years of Division 1 tennis at Lafayette College and has been teaching tennis for the last 8 years. Though Kyle has a day job, he still finds the time to teach tennis through MyTennisLessons in his free time in the afternoon and weekends.

  • Kyle on MTL helping him balance a full time job and teaching in his free time… One of the best parts about working for MTL is the fact that I control when I teach, so I can easily manage my full time work schedule without much interruption. The whole MTL operation is very streamlined, making it a smooth process for both the instructor and the client.”
  • Kyle on transitioning to a new city… “MTL was incredibly helpful both financially and socially when I first moved to LA. It added some extra income and I was able to meet great new people who have since introduced me to tennis circles in and around the city. I highly suggest it for any pro who is looking to teach on the side, especially if you are moving to a new city!”


Obviously coaches from all over the country from are taking advantage of MyTennisLessons in their own unique way. Discover an untapped client base and sign up with today.

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