Taylor Townsend Played A 69 Year Old Women in an ITF Tournament


In one of the weirder matchups you’ll ever see, Taylor Townsend faced off against 69-year-old Gail Falkenberg in an ITF tennis tournament in Pelham, AL. Somehow Falkenberg beat 22-year-old Rosalyn Small 6-0 6-1 to get in this position and when she did, Townsend showed no mercy taking her down 6-0, 6-0. It must be tough having to go out there and play against someone who even has trouble moving on the court but Townsend dispatched her in a cool 36 minutes. The fact that Falkenberg even won 12 points is somewhat of a minor miracle so big ups to her for still grinding out there. Who knows, maybe she has yet to enter the prime of her career.

gail falkenberg tenni


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