The Tennis Player’s Ultimate Bucket List

In tennis, you get to serve twice. But you only live once. That’s why we made the tennis player’s ultimate bucket list with 50 items you should complete. How many on the list have you already done? Which ones do you still have left to do?

  1. Have strawberries and cream at Wimbledon.
  2. Win a tennis tournament.
  3. Convince a friend who doesn’t play tennis to take up the sport. Get them obsessed.
  4. Play a match against someone much better than you.
  5. Cheer on your favorite professional player from the stands of any tournament.
  6. Play mixed doubles with your significant other.
  7. Watch a night match at Arthur Ashe Stadium.
  8. Go back to tennis camp as an adult.
  9. Volunteer at a charity tennis event.
  10. Take a vacation to one of the world’s top tennis resorts.
  11. Master the stroke in tennis that’s always given you trouble.
  12. Visit the International Tennis Hall of Fame in Newport, Rhode Island.
  13. Introduce your children or grandchildren to tennis. Treat them to lessons.
  14. Join a tennis league or team.
  15. Watch a college tennis match.
  16. Learn how to string a racket.
  17. Work as a tennis camp counselor.
  18. Take private lessons again to refresh your skills or get to the next level.
  19. Clock your serve. Set a goal for how fast you want to be able to hit it.
  20. Play on a grass court. Try the All Iowa Lawn Tennis Club if you’re really ambitious.
  21. Meet a new friend through tennis.
  22. Donate to a tennis player’s philanthropy.
  23. Play night tennis. Stay out until the facility cuts off the lights.
  24. Tweet at your tennis idol.
  25. Write a thank you note to your tennis coach.
  26. Take a date to the tennis court.
  27. Give money toward a local school’s tennis program.
  28. Get serious about your physical fitness. Set a health or weight-loss goal.
  29. Take a selfie with a pro tennis player.
  30. Eat lunch at Potel et Chabot at Roland Garros.
  31. Organize a day of tennis for your friends or family.
  32. Plan a tennis-themed party.
  33. Read a biography or book written by a tennis player.
  34. Attend a PowerShares Series event and watch retired tennis legends play again.
  35. Surprise your doubles partner with new tennis apparel or gear.
  36. Coach a tennis lesson. If you really enjoy it, get certified through USPTA or PTR.
  37. Make tennis ball cookies or cupcakes and pass them out to the people you play with.
  38. Write an inspirational note to yourself and stick it in your tennis bag.
  39. Set your alarm early and play tennis when the sun comes up.
  40. Sip Melbourne’s world-famous coffee during the Australian Open.
  41. Learn how to play another racket sport.
  42. Make DIY tennis decor for your home.
  43. Try to play tennis with your non-dominant hand.
  44. Spend an afternoon in solitude. Practice serves alone or hit against a backboard.
  45. Give old tennis balls to a nursing home for use on residents’ walkers.
  46. Brave the weather and play tennis when it’s really cold out.
  47. Join a friend at their tennis club or invite them to visit yours.
  48. Compliment one of your opponents. And mean it.
  49. Play hooky from work and plan your ideal day (tennis included, of course).
  50. Invite an elderly neighbor or relative to hit one day. After all, tennis is the lifetime sport!


I grew up in a tennis family with three younger sisters as doubles partners. If you enjoyed a blog post of mine or want to know more, feel free to email me at Thanks for reading and staying connected with MyTennisLessons!
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