10 Reasons You Should Get Out and Volunteer

The very obvious reason for volunteering is to help people out one way or another. It is however, okay to volunteer in hopes of helping yourself out as well. For me, it is only nature to feel that you are benefiting as much as those who are in need.

No matter what you get involved in, tennis related or not, it’s exponentially better than wasting away on the couch or sleeping in late on the weekend. Keep reading and you’re sure to find the motion that may be lacking.

(1) You Support Your Community

There’s is no better way to interact with the community than to get involved with a volunteering opportunity. It is worth a lot (most of the time not measurable in an hourly rate), because it takes dedication and commitment. What happens in your community most likely directly affects you and your children as well.

(2) Step Out and Work on Your Social Skills

If you’re a shy or introverted individual you may just thrive within a volunteering environment. Once you start your volunteer work and are together with people who share the same interests and goals you’ll be more inclined to open up to others. Especially if you are new to a city, volunteer to meet some like minded people.

(3) It Improves Your Self-confidence

Doing good for others and the community will give you a sense of accomplishment and pride because you dedicate your time efforts to a worthy cause. You may find yourself in a situation you’ve never encountered before and you end up thriving. That’ll post your confidence in all aspects of your life.

(4) It Helps Combat Depression

When volunteering you inevitably find yourself in contact with other people who could come to become friends and a genuine piece of your support system. Giving instead of taking will boost your moral every time.

(5) Test Out a Possible Career Change

Have you thought about changing your career but are hesitant about making the leap? If you can, find a volunteer opportunity in the career you’re looking to enter. You don’t have to commit to it as real job but you can gain some valuable insight into that particular field.

(6) Who Said Volunteering Can’t Be Fun?

So you’re hesitant to volunteer because you’ve been putting in long hours at the office? Volunteer work will take your mind off work issues and serves as a great escape to recharge your battery and motivation.

(7) Use Your Skills Outside Off Work

You are a talented individual so why not showcase and share those skills. The strengths you bring to the table at work, at home, or socially will certainly help an organization also be successful.

(8) Stand Out

Sometimes you just need a reason to feel proud of yourself. You can share the stories you’ll experienced while volunteering with your friends, families or even future employers.

(9) See The Difference You Made

There is no better feeling than seeing the fruits of your labor, especially when it comes to volunteering. Whether tangible or not there is always a moment that you can hold on to that makes any hard work worthwhile.

(10) Do Something Meaningful

At the end of the day, doing something you find interesting while helping others out at no direct benefit to you is what it is all about. The feeling of doing something with a greater meaning and purpose is priceless!


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