10 Things Tennis Players Say and What They Actually Mean

Tennis is such a polite sport (exception: Nick Kyrgios). I mean, we tell each other “good shot” when we lose a point. We ask our spectators to refrain from heckling. We wear collars on our shirts, for crying out loud. But let’s face it, just because you say “good shot,” doesn’t mean that you’re not thinking something else. We know what you really want to say. Here’s 10 things tennis players say, and what they actually mean.


1. When your doubles partner is the reason you’re losing and a ball comes flying right between you.

What you say: I got it!

What you mean: I swear to god, do not touch this ball. DON’T TOUCH IT.

2. When your doubles partner hits the ball anyway and misses.

What you say: Brush it off! We’ll get the next one.


3. When you’re losing badly and have to call out the game score.

What you say: 0-5.

What you mean: Farewell, ego.

4. When your opponent hits their second serve wide.

What you say: Out.

When you mean: *singsong voice* Free point, free point, I got a free point.

5. When you’re warming up your overheads under the blinding midday sun.

What you say: Can I got some up?

What you mean: Dear Lord, invest in me the power of Roger Federer. Please don’t let me swing and miss the ball completely. Amen.

6. When your opponent hits a winner.

What you say: Great shot.

What you mean: You evil troll. HOW DARE YOU?

8. When your opponent is most definitely about to hit a winner, but another ball rolls onto your court.

What you say: Let!

What you mean: Thank the heavens, the stars hath aligned. ‘Tis my destiny.

9. When you shank a ball over the fence and like, a lot of people are watching.

What you say: hahahaha

What you mean: hahahaha … brb crying. 😕😔😓😢😰😭😫

10. When you lose a close match and you have to shake hands.

What you say: Good match.

What you mean: Soooo, I hate you. Just kidding. Good match. But seriously, I don’t like you right now.


I grew up in a tennis family with three younger sisters as doubles partners. If you enjoyed a blog post of mine or want to know more, feel free to email me at avery@mytennislessons.com. Thanks for reading and staying connected with MyTennisLessons!
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