20 Things Tennis Players Are Obsessed With

Tennis players have no shame when it comes to our obsessions, whether it be Tennis Warehouse sales or Roger Federer.

  1. String dampeners

We’re really not sure how much of a difference these thingamajigs make, but we absolutely need an adorable googly-eyed frog adorning our natural gut string. Hard core players will go for the cartoonish tennis ball.


  1. Tournaments that provide food

Panera bagels and Cliff bars, anyone? We’ll demolish that free breakfast buffet faster than we finish off a first-round opponent. The one benefit of having an early match and wake-up call means that no one has yet had the opportunity to leave bread chunks in the communal cream cheese.

  1. Foreign coaches

Because “Let’s work on groundstrokes now,” sounds more fun when said in an Australian accent.

  1. Tennis Warehouse sales

Yes, we will take 40 percent off Ana Ivanovic’s Adidas dress.

  1. Hot professional players

Whoa, is that a tennis pro or a supermodel on center court?

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  1. Mini tennis

The most relaxing part of our tennis lesson is the brief five minutes when we can exert minimal effort on footwork and chit-chat with our hitting partner while “working on topspin.”

  1. Matching outfits

If you and your doubles partner aren’t color-coordinated is your head really in the game?

  1. Lululemon

The best tennis garment is the one this company generically dubs as a “running skirt.” Also, men — Lulu is not just a yoga clothing company. I hear its headbands are the most sweat resistant.

  1. Around the World

This is the game all kids (and some adults) beg coaches to play at the end of each lesson. It’s the one time when being a pusher is considered a good thing and you can hit those moon balls as high as the light fixtures.

  1. Roger Federer

If you don’t have an obsession, go take up water polo because you can’t sit with us.

  1. Visors

The only people who can truly pull off visors are tennis players and, on occasion, frat stars. If you don’t fall into either of these categories and find yourself sporting one, please take it off. Thank you.

  1. Following rankings

We know who’s ranked no. 26  in the WTA because when she wins the next grand slam we want to say we saw it coming.

  1. Ball tubes

This is the genius invention that allows us to avoid the backbreaking work that is picking up balls. Next Prince needs to create a giant tennis ball vacuum that won’t require any manual labor at all. We might sprint during an approach shot drill, but we refuse to break a sweat during clean up.

  1. “Tennis Court” by Lorde

Yeah, Lorde doesn’t actually play tennis and this song isn’t about heading out for a doubles match. But she totally thinks our sport is awesome, telling VH1 that tennis is “so beautiful.” If this isn’t your jam when you’re driving to your tennis lesson, you need to rethink your priorities.

  1. Playing at night

Is there anything more romantic than hitting under the lights at 10:30 p.m. in the summer? It’s always a bonus if you accidentally swat a giant moth when going for an overhead.

  1. Vintage tennis gear

How glamourous would we look if we could stand wearing cable-knit sweaters and using wooden rackets?

  1. Reminiscing about American men’s tennis

Remember Connors? Remember McEnroe? Remember Sampras and Agassi? We love ya, John Isner, but yeah …

  1. Professional tennis gossip

Sloane and Serena are feuding? Murray’s engaged? Tell us more and let us pretend we’re somehow connected to their lives. Still don’t understand why Us Weekly hasn’t created a spin-off tabloid called USTA Weekly.


  1. Practicing alone

In no other sport is it as popular to take a private lesson, but getting that one-on-one workout with our coach is basically our favorite part of the week. We’re also perfectly content hitting baskets of serves or hitting with our favorite partner, the backboard.

  1. Reading the MyTennisLessons blog.

If you don’t know, now you know. We post pretty cool stuff every day, and if you liked this, you’ll enjoy browsing the rest of our blog, too.


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