5 Reasons After-School Tennis Lessons make Sense for your Child

It’s that time of year again. Whether your child is a cool kid and is reluctantly trudging back to school or a nerd and is skipping with joy back down the school halls, after-school activities can be just as important as what happens in the classroom. All jokes aside, deciding on what your child does after school, especially when it comes to sports, can often be a difficult choice because every child is different. And while tennis lessons might not be for everyone, let us tell you why they might be exactly what you are looking for when it comes to your child’s after-school routine.

1.Learn Accountability

When you are a tennis player you don’t have anyone else to rely on on the court but yourself. Private lessons help a child understand that fact, and develop as an individual. Committing to any sport take dedication, hard-work, and a time and energy commitment but tennis truly expedites ones sense of accountability. During private lessons and competitive matches, a student will often have to find a way to get through difficult situations on their on their own. With a coach in their corner, they will help prepare you for that reality both on and off the court.

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2. Skill vs. Athleticism

Did your child inherit your average height, speed, or athleticism? Don’t feel bad, they might just be built to be the perfect tennis player. While it certainly helps to be an athletic freak to excel no matter the sport, tennis is based so much on skill, muscle memory, and repetition that just about anyone can become a good tennis player. After shaping their mind all day at school, why not have your child learn a skill that they could not only utilize in the near future but also for the rest of their life?

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3. Play a Non-contact Sport

Everyone wants to keep their child safe, and more now than ever steps are being taken in youth sports to ensure they are. 10-and-under soccer no longer allows heading of the ball and CTE, a degenerative brain disease, is deterring parents from allowing their children from playing football at all. Playing tennis your child may experience a sprained ankle or a pulled hamstring, but ultimately you’ll be keeping their noggin safe.

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4. Fits into Every Schedule

Often times soccer, baseball, or football practice falls at the same time everyday, whether that works for you are not. There is something to be said for consistency, but if it works better for you or your child’s schedule you can have tennis lessons under the lights in the evening, early on weekend mornings, or right after school if you want. Besides just the timing aspect of it, often you can take lessons at the most convenient location as well, which can go a long way in easing the stress of having to be at the mercy of the rest of the team.

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5. Lessons can take many Different Forms

Depending on how serious your child is about sports, lessons can take many different forms. If your child isn’t super competitive and doesn’t thrive in team settings, you can still have them learn a skill, stay active, and have a really great time doing it. If your child is determined to be world class in everything they do they can itch that scratch with a tennis lesson without others holding back their competitive spirit. With MyTennisLessons you can find a private coach who fits your child’s personality and athletic desires perfectly.

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