9 Reason You Need To Get Serious About Tennis Again

Whether you’re a former high school stud now wasting away on the couch playing Xbox or your’re a parent 20 years removed from the game and you’ve had about 20 minutes to yourself during that time, you’ll want to take notice. Tennis isn’t quite like riding a bike (try playing a match out of shape. Not happening) but true fans never truly leave the game behind. We implore you to get back on the court. Whether that’s with one of our instructors, with a hitting buddy or with a local league, just try and get out there before you realize it’s too late. Here are our reasons.

1. That gut you’re sporting isn’t going to get rid of itself.

2. Reconnect with that long lost tennis buddy. They miss you.

3. Find your much needed sanctuary on the court. Escaping to the toilet isn’t going to cut it.  

4. Rediscover a passion. Just please don’t bust out the model train set.

5. Regain that competitive edge. Remember though, you’re not sponsored anymore so you can’t just ask for a new racket when you smash it.

6. Yes, your son or daughter is getting better but you’re also not that good anymore. Don’t let your kid beat you just yet.

7. Reignite your social life. Nerding out over your retooled backhand is a conversation starter… I swear.

8. Remember what it was like to have energy? An hour on the court will replace that coffee addiction.

9. “Damn, I forgot much fun this is.” Hitting a down the line winner on a cool fall day against the long lost tennis buddy who you forgot how much you liked beating will elicit such a reaction.


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