Coaching Tip Tuesday: 3 Simple Singles Strategies

For the last two weeks, we have focused on technique. Launch Tennis Head Coach Brandon Davis has walked us through the basics of a forehand and a backhand. While being able to hit the ball over the net is a key factor of tennis, it will not guarantee you a win in a singles match. Mental preparation and strategy are necessary to make sure that your technical skills and your sanity do not completely fall apart on you the moment a singles match begins.

How do you prepare for the mental side of tennis? How do you make sure that you have a plan when you step out onto the court against an opponent? While this seems like a huge task to overcome, don’t fret. There are some tricks to help you feel more relaxed in your own strengths and become more aware of your opponent’s weaknesses. Brandon Davis is here to help you with 3 simple singles strategies that are easy to remember and follow.

1. Hit to your opponent’s weaker shot.

“When you are warming up with your opponent test their forehand and backhand to see which side may be weaker…If you are aware during this short warm up time period, then you can pick up a lot of helpful information about your opponent!”

2. Get to 5.

“What does get to 5 mean? It simply means try to get to 5 balls made in a row every point. If you are consistently making 5 or more balls every point, you will most likely be winning more points than you are losing!”

3. Hit your favorite/most reliable serves and returns often.

“Early in games, sets, and matches you usually want to be picking your favorite shots to help get a lead, which helps you relax and get comfortable out on the court.”

For Brandon Davis’s full article, click here! Good luck in your next singles match!


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