Coaching Tip Tuesday: Forehand Basics with Launch Tennis Coach Brandon Davis

Brandon Davis is the coach and teaching pro behind Launch Tennis. After a stellar junior and college tennis career, Brandon could not stay away from the sport and has been coaching ever since. He started Launch Tennis, “a comprehensive online website with tutorials, tips and instructional information…for players of all levels,” when he realized that the need and demand for such a website was there. When learning a new sport, we all want exposure to as many resources as we can. The time you spend on a court with an instructor is invaluable, but you can further your tennis understanding and speed up your progress by reading and studying a site such as Launch Tennis. Here is just one of his tutorials which focuses on the basics of the forehand:

“In this video we cover the basic technical aspects of the forehand. We take a look at the grip, the preparation, the contact and the finish.”

Check out the rest of Brandon’s amazing website here, and start learning the amazing sport that is tennis!



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