FACT: Beginner Tennis Players Want Reasonable Tennis Lesson Prices

Here at MyTennisLessons we pride ourselves on being a gateway service. You take tennis lessons long enough and you’ll be hooked on the sport for life. That’s why so many beginner tennis players come to MyTennisLessons searching for their first coach; we understand what beginners want. They want to work with a coach who excels at implementing the fundamentals, the flexibility to take lesson at their own convenience all at a price that will allow them to continue to take lessons in the future.

Unfortunately, the tennis industry has long gauged tennis players with yearly fees and $100+ prices no matter where in the country you live. While it should be said that it’s inevitable that you’ll sometimes come across those kind of prices (even on MTL), especially in major cities like New York, our coaches understand that it isn’t all about getting yours.

When we first started out five years ago we made sure all of our coaches charged between $30-$40/hr to ensure that beginner tennis players, which make up 70% of our requests, wouldn’t be deterred from pursuing their tennis lesson dreams. As our business evolved and we gave coaches the flexibility to set their own rates, there was always one constant; beginners want to work with the affordable coaches.

As I mentioned before, we have instructors that range from charging $25-$100/hr because we strive to be a genuine online marketplace. 9 times out of 10 however, when a beginner is faced with booking with a coach at $45/hr and one at $70/hr, they’ll go with the cheaper option. It is important to the other 30% of intermediate and advanced players that they have more experienced coaching options that may be more expensive but if you’re a coach, be sure to be aware of the pros and cons when setting your rate.

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