Get MyTennisLessons Blog at the Top of Your Facebook Newsfeed

Facebook recently rolled out a new feature that allows users to select pages or friends who they want to “See First.” By choosing a company or person as “See First,” you’ll get updates from them at the top of your newsfeed every time you open Facebook. If you’re tired of scrolling through your newsfeed to find the posts that you actually want to read, here’s how to adjust your “See First” settings.

On a smartphone

Click “More” in the bottom right corner.



Scroll down to “Settings” and select “News Feed Preferences.”



Click “Prioritize who to see first.”



Select the pages or profiles you like best.



Click “Done” in the top right corner.


On a desktop.

Click the arrow on the far right.



Select “News Feed Preferences.”




Select “Pages” and adjust the “Following” tab for each page or profile you like best to “See First.”



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