Great Doubles Rallies Get Me Jacked Up. This Video is No Exception.

If you aren’t grinning throughout this point then you probably don’t have a pulse. Dodig and Melo are two of the best in the world when it comes to these sort of points but Posposil and Sock are quietly becoming a force to be reckoned with.


With that being said, should Jack Sock focus more on doubles? He’s up to 19 in the world and has a doubles Grand Slam title under his belt. I’m guessing as long as doubles pay outs are dwarfed by singles payouts it won’t happen. When you consider Sock made $1,413,560 in 2015 and world doubles number 1 Marcelo Melo made $949,964 in 2015 it doesn’t seem worth it unless you’re the best. It must be said however, Melo played 67 matches and Sock played in 96 it comes out that they both made about $14,500 per match. Doubles is way less strain on your body, less matches probably means less travel costs and probably prolongs your career (see Martina Hingis). You should at least consider the possibility Jack, especially considering I just did all that math.


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