How to Go on a Date with a Tennis Player

If you’re a frequent reader of the MyTennisLessons blog, you know that we talk about relationships almost as much as we talk about tennis.

In the last year, we’ve told you why you should date a tennis player, then given you reasons you shouldn’t date tennis player, before telling you about the most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes in pro tennis, but only after sharing a bunch of stories about people who fell in love on the tennis court. We also published an article about why tennis players are perpetually single, so we’ve basically covered every part of the spectrum in regards to tennis and dating.

If you’re still finding yourself at love-forty in the dating world, here’s a simple how-to guide for finally meeting your match.


Start at the Baseline

Where do you meet the Steffi to your Andre? We presume your local tennis court is a good place to start. Never fear if you aren’t sure where that is; we made a database for the tennis courts near you. You can also join a co-ed tennis league and even go to a National Championship with your USTA section in mixed doubles.


Hit an Approach Shot

We can’t confirm any of these work, but the Twitter account @TennisPUL has come up with some winner pick-up lines for when you’re ready to make your move.

  • Quit playing so defensive; I’m just tryna approach you.
  • I’ll beat you 6-0 every time cause I’ll never stop loving you.
  • Are you from the Tennis Channel? Cause that’s Where Champions Live.
  • If you can return my serves, I’m pretty sure you can return my calls.
  • Baby, you a Grand Slam; I’m just an ATP 250 Event.


Ace Your First Serve

If your love interest is competitive, you could challenge them to a singles match. Make a good impression by nailing the details, including reserving a court ahead of time, bringing an extra bottled water (Voss if you’re classy), and splurging on a new can of tennis balls. It’s pretty cold out right now, so we recommend doing this one at an indoor facility, unless your strategy is warming up by the fire later.


Take it to a Third Set

Because your relationship is going so well after taking advice from the highly qualified dating experts at MyTennisLessons, it’s time to make that commitment and sign up for our favorite type of tennis lesson, the semi-private. This is basically the tennis player equivalent of the nicest restaurant in town except you have tennis rackets and a basket of balls instead of candles and a bread basket. Spend a solid hour of one-on-one time with your significant other while a tennis instructor yells at you to follow through on your forehand. Plus, you don’t know it’s real until you kiss someone who has sweat beads on their upper lip.

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