How To Throw The Best Wimbledon Watching Party

Can’t make it to the All England Lawn Tennis Club for Wimbledon this year? Don’t fret! Turn your living room into your very own Wimbledon grounds, and throw the classiest Wimbledon watching party! We’ve got you covered when it comes to deciding on what unique drinks and food to offer, the dress code, and the overall ground rules! Let us help you become an elite Wimbledon spectator. So go ahead, deck out in some fancy attire, hold that pinky high, and sit back with your best mates to enjoy the best of the best battle it out on the grass!

champagne and strawberries and cream


Where’s the food?

  • Strawberries and Cream: What is Wimbledon without strawberries and cream? Even Roger Federer can’t go the whole two weeks without indulging in this delicious treat.
  • Tea Sandwiches: Put together some dainty little cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches for your guests to munch on all day.
  • Gravlax Crostini: Looking to go all out? Present these hors d’oeuvres and impress even your English friends.

Can I get you a drink?

  • Pimm’s Cup: I give you the staple English summer drink, born and raised at Wimbledon! This Pimm’s Gin No. 1-based drink is meant to be lazily sipped on while lounging on the grass lawns. You can’t leave this delicious drink out of your Wimbledon party.
  • Champagne: Wimbledon is a time to celebrate! Uncork the champagne and don’t let it stop flowing!
  • Afternoon Tea: While emulating a real afternoon tea in your house is a large task, this does not mean you can’t offer England’s drink of choice to your friends. Keep a teapot full for those who want a cup.

But what will I wear?

  • While the dress code for the players only seems to be getting stricter, the spectators are starting to get a little lazy when it comes to their apparel. But if you are going to watch Wimbledon while drinking Pimm’s Cups and champagne, and eating tea sandwiches, go ahead and dress the part as well! Need some inspiration? Think the British Royal Family or the Beckhams!

Some Wimbledon ground rules

  • It’s Wimbledon! And as such, the mantra should always be, “Keep it Classy!” Leave the large posters, the home country flags, the painted stomachs and the loud trash talk for another day. Act like you are eating finger sandwiches and drinking champagne while you are actually eating finger sandwiches and drinking champagne!


I wish you all the best as you prepare to host one amazing Wimbledon watching party! Drink well, eat well, and have fun this grass tennis season, especially from the comfort of your own home! Don’t miss the first rounds of Wimbledon starting next Monday, June 29!


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