Inside MTL: The Importance of Our Office Dog

Over the last three years we’ve grown from a haphazardly constructed website set up in a house barely within the city limits to a fully functioning business with downtown office space. It goes without saying much has changed over this period of time, but there has always been one constant. Heidi Klum.

Now I know what you’re thinking. Yes, we may have started out as five guys living in what often resembled a frat house, yet it’s not the German supermodel we’re obsessed with but rather our office dog. Our pint-sized boxer has undoubtedly acted as one of our most integral team members. During this formative time of our business she has played the role of break time frisbee player, nap time snuggle partner and company CMO (Chief Morale Officer).


Though we know that there are great dog boarding facilities in town such as Bed and Biscuit Austin, a pooch paradise sure to put any owner’s mind at ease, we’ve been lucky enough to bring her along every step of the way. So when it came time for us to finally leave the nest and lock down office space, we knew Heidi’s needs were just as important as our own. We had a lengthy checklist and list of demands when it came to accommodating our precious pup.

Must love dogs
Leaving Heidi Klum behind was never an option. We needed to find a building that was fully on board with a pooch running around chasing tennis balls. When we finally signed the lease for our new office we made sure we got in writing that “one well behaved dog” was allowed. Seriously. We require signed documents to when it comes to ensuring Klum’s happiness.

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 1.55.55 PM

Did you say walk?
Finding a place within walking distance from our place was also a high priority. Being able to get out and about with the dog while simultaneously making your commute to the office is a luxury few ever experience. Even if Heidi spends her mornings holding down the fort at home someone can walk back to the house during lunch to either let her out or bring her along for the afternoon.


Cats drool, dogs rule
Besides getting an office that was dog-friendly we looked for a space that we could grow into as a company. In just a few months we’ve added some new faces who’ve inevitably sweated through the question “So, do you like dogs?” I don’t care if you went to Harvard, if you’re not comfortable with a giddy boxer greeting you everyday you’re probably looking to work elsewhere.


Comfort over function
Have you ever seen a company with a giant bean bed in their conference room? Well when you’re business is built around company culture even the pets get the hookup. Dog bed by the door for people watching, bean bag in the conference room for napping and indoor/outdoor non scratch couches for hanging with the team. Covering all the bases is a must in business and puppy pampering.



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