Instructor of the Month: Ken D. in Old Bridge, NJ

We at MyTennisLessons are excited to announce Ken D. in Old Bridge, NJ, as our instructor of the month for July. He is doing a fantastic job teaching his students. We were able to find some time between lessons to ask Ken a few questions.


1. When did you decide to become a tennis pro?
I became a tennis pro after I volunteered as a tennis coach in a summer program in high school.

2. In your opinion, what is the most important characteristic a tennis instructor should have? 
I think the most important characteristic a tennis instructor should have is to keep tennis fun for the student.

3. What is your favorite student success story?
My favorite story as a tennis coach was that of a student, a young girl I taught years ago. She had never played a day of tennis in her life. I would teach her once a week in New Jersey when I came home from college. Shortly after college, I moved to California where I continued teaching tennis. Years later, my father said that he met the father of that student, who had been looking for me. He just wanted to thank me personally for the tennis lessons I gave his daughter, who became the Most Valuable Player at her high school. Learning she was an MVP gave me great fulfillment as a teacher.

4. What is the most important advice you can pass on to a beginner tennis player?
The most important advice I can give to a beginning tennis player is to be persistent and to never give up.

5. You were part of a tennis team in high school and college. What advice would you give to young players looking to try out for their team?
My advice to young players is to never take the game for granted because you never know where it can take you in the future.

6. You’ve been teaching tennis for more than 14 years now. What was the most unique moment on the court as an instructor?
After many years of teaching, the most unique moment on the court was seeing students that had never played tennis, who after using my simple tips, were able to hit the ball over the net for the first time. Seeing the joy and excitement in each face was amazing to me.

7. What made you start playing the game in the first place?
During my summer breaks as a child I would visit my granduncle who had a tennis court in Pennsylvania. I would always watch in awe when my uncles and my father played tennis with “happy hearts” and fun-filled faces. One day I asked my granduncle to teach me how to play the game. He took some time out, taught me how to swing, and gave me fundamental tips and advice. It was love at first swing! I played tennis every summer from then on.


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