When thinking about an instructor spotlight on Lyon Jewett, for Tennis Talk, it seemed more important to spotlight the reason why Lyon originally first became involved with

For the better part of 20 years, Lyon has been a part-time tennis pro and spent most of his time in a mortgage banking and real estate sales career. When the real estate market collapsed in 2008, he needed money and put teaching tennis as his first priority. However, not having cultivated a consistent clientele over the years, his income was spotty.  “Then I got a call from MTL.” says Lyon, “As opposed to having a day of two, maybe three lessons, my schedule was soon close to completely booked. While I don’t make as much per lesson with MTL than my usual fee, the split they gave more than made up for what I would have made without them (zero). Considering my circumstances, it was a Godsend.”

Lyon teaches full time now.  “I make excellent money. My previous career is an afterthought, only noted when I talk to old friends whom relate their latest war stories of stress and unhappiness.  I highly recommend MTL to any tennis pro that is responsible, wants to make money on a part time basis, or is possibly thinking of transitioning full time into teaching.”

Lyon has been what we like to call a Poster Instructor of MyTennisLessons. He responds to emails and phone calls in a timely manner, shows up on time for his scheduled tennis lessons, and provides a great tennis learning experience on the court with his clients. We have received great feedback from customers and would recommend Lyon to any player in the D.C. area who is looking to learn tennis or take their game to the next level. Feel free to check out more about Lyon here.

For those instructors looking to receive more customers, supplement their income, and have a similar instructor experience as Lyon, be sure to check out our Instructor Application and apply today!.


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