Jacksonville: Where Tennis Players Retire

Are you ready to retire and play tennis all day?

I once had a glimpse of the post-retirement lifestyle when at 13, I went with a friend to visit her grandmother who lived in a 50-plus community in Jacksonville, Florida. My brief experience as a juvenile senior citizen was glorious. We had access to tennis courts, a pool and the beach, and were just a short drive from the mall where we loaded up on our tween indulgences of Bath & Body works products and Abercrombie jean skirts.

Jacksonville, FL


In 2013, Forbes named Jacksonville one of the best places to retire, noting its low cost of living, lack of income tax and temperate climate. And it may just be one of the best places for tennis players to retire as well since the Florida section of the United States Tennis Association comprises about 40,000 individual members — that’s 20 percent more members than are in the entire New England section and 45 percent more members than the Southwest section.

So we’ve established that you’d be in good company if you picked up your racket bag and relocated to Jacksonville, but where can you find your tennis courts, pool access and Abercrombie outlets in the largest city by land area in the United States? These are some of the best communities for tennis players in the Jacksonville area, according to realtor Jeff Riber.

Epping Forest


Tennis Club: Epping Forest Yacht & Country Club has six courts, four of which are lighted for night play.

Other Amenities: The club also has elegant and casual dining options, a fitness center, two pools and a marina basin along the St. John’s River.

Find tennis instructors in Epping Forest.

Queen’s Harbour


Tennis Club: Queen’s Harbour Yacht & Country Club has eight lighted tennis courts, including one stadium court.

Other Amenities: The club has a pool, fitness center and golf course. Located on the intracoastal waterway, it’s a 10-minute drive downtown or the beach.

Find tennis instructors in Queen’s Harbor.

Beach Haven


Tennis Club: Jacksonville Golf & Country Club has 10 lighted clay tennis courts and stadium viewing.

Other Amenities: Play at the 18-hole championship golf course, enjoy fitness and spa services or take a dip at the pool.

Find tennis instructors in Beach Haven.



Tennis Club: Deerwood Country Club has 12 courts, eight of which are lighted. Decks are available for viewing.

Other Amenities: Deerwood also has an 18-hole golf course, a fitness center, massage therapy services and a swimming pool.

Find tennis instructors in Deerwood.


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