Launch Tennis Dissects the Different Spins of Tennis

Variety is the spice of life. When you’re first developing your game you’ve probably have a million things going through your head (“Is my grip right?”, “Am I positioned correctly?”, “Damn, I’m tired.”), but it’s the details, such as incorporating spin into your game, that make tennis so enjoyable. In the modern game spin is about as commonplace as cats on the internet, so it’s an important technique to get used to.

Brandon Davis, of Launch Tennis understands the importance as well and does a wonderful job of breaking down the various spins you need to know. Below is an excerpt from his latest post on the matter.





The definition of topspin is: “a fast, forward spinning motion imparted to a ball when throwing or hitting it, often resulting in a curved path or a strong forward motion on rebounding off the ground”. If you hit a ball with topspin, it will bounce off the ground and shoot forward towards your opponent. The topspin makes the ball rapidly accelerate up off of the ground, quickly changing the trajectory of the ball and the strike zone in which your opponent can hit. This makes it more difficult for our opponent to make solid contact with the ball. This also allows you to swing very fast and hit the ball with a lot of power and pace and still maintain consistency since the ball is rapidly spinning forward which helps the ball drop or shoot down into the court.

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