Maria Sharapova Suspended Two Years for Doping

Maria Sharapova’s verdict has finally come in and it’s not a good one for the 5-time Grand Slam champion. Today it was announced that Sharapova would be suspended for two years after testing positive for meldonium at this years Australian Open.

Apparently, Sharapova, as well as her lawyer, spoke at her “trial” and her fate was sealed by a three-person ITF panel. Other key facts that came to light through this process is that she actually failed two drug tests and she avoided an even harsher possible four year ban which the ITF was pushing for.

Sharapova and her lawyers have said that they will appeal the decision immediately. Below is what she had to say concerning the decision. She is coming across bullish in the light of the decision, and even claims that they failed to prove that she intentionally violated the drug poilcy. Then again who INTENDS to fail a drug test. This is obviously a massive fall from grace for the darling of women’s tennis and may represent the start of a serious conversation around doping in tennis.


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