Martin Solveig’s “Hello” Music Video One for the Ages

Martin Solveig’s hit track “Hello” is so 2011. The music video however, is a timeless (literally) classic that requires revisiting in the buildup to this years next Grand Slam, the French Open. This battle at Roland Garros between Solveig and fellow French producer and DJ, Bob Sinclair, spans three generations of tennis, each artist playing balls as outrageous as their wardrobes. It has an over-the-top French agent, Solveig sporting 1970’s tennis gear (Sinclair in Agassi like neon 80’s garb), and cameos from Novak Djokovic and Gael Monfils. Forget gold chains, diamond crusted rims, and babes in bikini’s (well maybe not that last one), French people know how to make a music video cool. That’s right, tennis. 43 million views later, MTL is doing the video break down.

I secretly think every Frenchman looks exactly like this guy. The dude’s got a scowl like you read about.

The camera pans to Sinclair’s tennis fit cheering section a solid 10 times (You’re damn right I counted… twice)

Martin Solvieg and Michael Cera were separated at birth right?

Quite possibly the most underrated shot in the game. The flying leg kick volley. Classic stuff.

Without a doubt Gael Monfils’ greatest accomplishment to date at Roland Garros, or probably any Grand Slam for that matter.

So there you have it, the first MTL video breakdown. Check out the full video below. It’s almost as groundbreaking as the analysis.


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