The Most Scenic Public Tennis Courts in America

I, like many, have a propensity to unknowingly fall deep into the spiraling abyss that is the internet, only to emerge hours later wondering how I ended up giggling over pug gifs. Once in awhile however, I’ll actually stumble upon an interesting and semi-useful webpage. Insert This website, with the click of a button, transports you to a random destination anywhere on the planet. Explore the busy streets of Seoul, South Korea one second and the rolling hills of Bonn, Germany the next. This is all done via Google Maps street view, allowing you to follow along your current path or click and drag for a stunning panoramic view. Needless to say it’s addicting.

Naturally, after spending an hour or so jumping from street to street, my mind wanders to tennis. What if, with just a click of a button, I was able to check out the most scenic and interesting tennis courts in the United States?

This is the product of that epiphany. With only street views to work with, and public tennis courts (we’re a company of the people, we can’t be bothered with exclusivity) as the only stipulation, I’ve compiled some of the most scenic tennis courts that I could find in the US. From jaw dropping mountain landscapes to soothing ocean views there are some real gem public courts out there. Be sure to click and drag to explore the maps below. You won’t regret it.

I didn’t however, say they would be easy to get to. Plan an adventure trip and play on a beautiful tennis court. Sounds like a plan I could get on board with.

Ala Moana Public Park- Honolulu, HI

Everyone knows no matter where you go in Honolulu you’ll discover a beautiful view. I bet you didn’t know however, the city is littered with beach side tennis courts. This is a perfect example of that.

Cope Park – Juneau, AK

If you ever find yourself in Alaska and are looking for a court, this is your spot. This court is so well hidden in the wild Alaskan forest it can’t be seen from any other map view.

Spainhower Park – Lone Pine, CA

Wedged between the largest mountain peak in the continental US, Mt. Whitney, and Death Valley, Lone Pine is city in California that itself is not easy to find. Drop a few tennis court on the outskirts of the city and you have yourself a rare tennis experience. The mountain background needs no explanation

East River Park – New York, NY

City living presents many opportunities but unique tennis courts usually isn’t one of the perks that come to mind. You’ll be hard pressed however, to find tennis courts residing under an iconic bridge. Truly one of a kind.

Burnham Shores Park – Evanston, IL

This list wouldn’t be complete without a lakeside tennis court. Though Lake Michigan looks more like a full-fledged ocean, this quaint court just north of Chicago is perfectly picturesque.

Sarver Tennis Center at the Tucson Jewish Community Center – Tucson, AZ

The last stop is the Arizona desert. Clay court accompanied by a clay colored mountain backdrop.


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