What Motivates You to Teach Tennis

Whether it’s choosing a particular field or finding a reason to get on the court, motivation plays a huge part in all of our lives. For tennis coaches there are very unique motivating factors. Both full-time instructors who are making a living teaching and those who teach part time mostly for the love of the game, experience similar motivating forces. If you’re either thinking about getting into teaching or even possibly moving on from full time instruction, we want to reiterate the value of teaching tennis lessons.

(1) Pass Along Your Skills

There’s no greater joy than sharing your knowledge with other people. If you have a talent for not only tennis but also for bestowing that talent onto someone else, then it would be a shame to waste that.

(2) See Your Student Advance

What is more fulfilling than to see your students hitting their first overhead or backhand slice? Any teacher/coach understands the feeling of accomplishment when a student starts to grasp what you are preaching. It’s a one of a kind experience.

(3) Be a Mental Support

As much as tennis is about the right technique or tactics, it may even be more so about being strong in mind. It can be a grind out there on the court, and your responsibility is to encourage them in any possible way. Everyone needs a bit of encouragement now and again and it is a coaches job to press the right buttons.

(4) Help to Fulfill Their Potential

There are unique situations in which you are extra motivated to take a raw talent and help them fulfill their full potential. It is as much of a challenge for you to make the correct choices, as it is for the student to grow as a player. For you, helping a player reach their individual goals, no matter how big or small, it is what the job is all about.

(5) Love The Challenge

You wouldn’t be a tennis instructor if you don’t like challenges. Every single student is unique in their own way and it is your responsibility to curtail each lesson to the specific need of that student. Not only is their game unique but so is their personality. First deciphering their temperament and then working either around it or making the most of it, can be one of the more difficult aspects of coaching. Relish the challenge.

(6) Being Active And Outdoors

Instead of wasting away in an office all day, mindlessly staring at the screen of your laptops, you  have chosen sunlight. What better then to be outside where you’ll never be short of fresh air. Also it’s not a bad way to stay in shape being out on the court all day. Not a bad way to stay fit.

(7) Staying Connected to the Game

When your playing career is over you find that you can’t imagine living without having tennis being a focal point of your life. You love the game, either playing yourself, watching professionals or just keeping up with the newest tennis gossip, and there’s no better way to become fully immersed in the game than to be a tennis instructor.

(8) Meet People With Similar Interests

Who doesn’t want to be around people who share your passions. As a tennis instructor you’re bound to meet people even more fanatical about tennis than you are. Your job will never feel like a job when you are working with people who love what they are involved in, which holds true for both students and instructors.

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