Motivational Tennis Gear For The Everyday Player

When out on the court working your little butt off, things may not always go your way. It’s pretty easy to lose your cool on the court so it’s important to look for every possible advantage. Remember, sometimes it’s the little things that get you through a tough time on the court. Have you ever thought about just rocking a shirt that reminds you of why you’re such a badass? Even if the shirt just makes you laugh when you look down at, that could change your entire mood on the court for the better.

You Cannot Be Serious“You Cannot Be Serious”

Back in the day, Johnny Mac made this phrase popular. Not many people have a signature yell, but that’s how good he was at complaining. He was pretty good at tennis too.

Obviously there will be times when you doubt your opponents honesty on particular line calls, but don’t sweat it. It may not be the best idea to necessarily do what McEnroe would have done because you’d probably get tossed from the match. Instead just stop in your tracks, squint those eye balls of yours and simply point to the shirt. They’ll get the point.

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“Just Do It”

You can go wrong with a classic. “Just Do It” doesn’t only represent big business and illegal child labor allegations, it represents a state of mind. Back in the 80’s, Nike discovered the key to success (no, not cheap labor in Pakistan). You have to put your worries, doubts, thoughts, and in Nike’s case morals, aside in order to come out a winner at the end. Focus on your game, be aggressive on the court and, remember, just do it!

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“Don’t Forget Your Balls”

Certain tennis matches are certain to get down and dirty. Maybe you dread the opponent’s game or the weather is not in your favor. Either way, It means you might have to grind out a result.

Remember, without balls there’s no chance to play, or win, the match. Make sure to bring your balls and fight through the rough times on court. Get your mind out of the gutter, I’m talking about tennis balls.

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“Rise Above The Rest”

As a tennis player you need to have faith in and trust your abilities, then you can do anything  and, literally, rise above the rest. Plus the shirt has like wavy, octopus arm things that I don’t fully understand but they look kind of cool. I’m not sure if they’re supposed to be ocean waves that literally rise over levies and whole cities in which case it would be completely insensitive and offensive. I don’t really get it but yeah, rising above your opponent is smart.

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I Believe I Made My Point“I Believe I Made My Point. Again.”

If you ever need a little motivation to push yourself through the next point, game, or even tie break, put this Wilson shirt on and get sassy. You could even just wear it around the house when you’re having arguments with your significant other and when you turn your back after letting your shirt say the last word, you’ll be that much more of a winner.

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“Tennis Runs In Our Blood”

Whether a beginner or advanced player, this Babolat t-shirt will remind you of why you are on court. I’m not sure who “our” is referring too, however. It might only make sense if you and a doubles partner are wearing these shirts together to truly intimidate your opponents. Between the stylish matching outfits and the intimidating blood quote, you might as well chalk it up a victory before you even start the match.

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Obviously these shirts aren’t going to automatically catapult your game to the next level, so you may actually need lessons for these shirts to make even the slightest difference. You feel me? Get over inconsistency, and get on the court with a local instructor who will appreciate your shirt first and foremost and THEN transform your game.

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