MTL Coach of the Month: Bruce A. in Weston, CT

MyTennisLessons would like to congratulate Bruce A. in Weston, CT, for being chosen as our coach of the month for August. Bruce always does an excellent job with his students and receives nothing but positive reviews from clients. A former college tennis player and physical education teacher turned part-time tennis instructor, Bruce has coached in various parts of the world, from England to New England. If you’re in Weston, CT, review Bruce’s profile and sign up for lessons today.

Bruce with Judy Murray
Bruce with Judy Murray

1. You played college tennis. What advice do you have for junior players hoping to reach that level?

If you’re planning to make the team versus club tennis it’s time to focus on one sport instead of several.  Work with a pro that has some experience playing in college and has current tennis connections at the collegiate level.  His or her recommendation can go a long way.  It’s also helpful to do well academically as the discipline (time management, goals, etc.) required to do both well carries over into each area.

2. You watched Virginia Wade play at Wimbledon! Can you tell us what that experience was like? 

It was surreal; my first time at the All England Club. It was the Queen’s Jubilee year. Virginia is British. Her win in the finals was particularly significant. Interesting that she didn’t get the same media attention as Andy when he won. However, the times were very different. The historical significance of the site is like no other in our sport.

3. What is one of your favorite success stories with a student?

In 2014, every junior student I coached — some were very challenging — who wanted to make their high school team were successful in that goal.

Bruce on the court

4. What is your favorite part of the game to teach and why?

Teaching the volley to a beginner is always a personal favorite. It’s a fairly easy stroke relative to some of the others and the beginning student often feels gratified at achieving some early success.

5. Finally, how has MyTennisLessons helped you expand you client base and why would you recommend it to other coaches?

MTL is a cornerstone of my marketing effort.  My students find the site easy to navigate and the staff very professional.  The MTL team is responsive when needed.  The site has some helpful strategic capabilities in terms of keeping track of lessons, etc.  For coaches trying to build their business MTL is a great partner.


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