MTL Coach of the Month: Vanessa B. in Campbell, CA

MyTennisLessons is pleased to announce Vanessa B. in Campbell, CA, as our tennis coach of the month for April. She is doing a fantastic job teaching her students. We were able to find some time between lessons to ask Vanessa a few questions.

1. You are currently a high school tennis coach. What advice to you have for young players who want to play at the varsity level one day?

This depends on how competitive your high school is in tennis, but most players at the varsity level play tennis all year long and stay active in group or private lessons. First check out the level of play of your school and talk to the coach. Coaches love to give input to students that really want to be part of the team.


2. You play at the top level in 45 singles. What training advice would you give to players in their 40s who want to continue developing competitively?

Be an all-around athlete to avoid injury. Singles is rough on the body and you need to really take care of yourself.

3. What’s one of your favorite student success stories?

I have taught three autistic children: one that I had on our JV team, one that was non-verbal, and the other one who now laughs all the time at me. They all can play well enough now to play with others.

4. You’re also a certified personal trainer. Can you describe a few of the most important exercises players should be doing off the court?

Tennis is all about flexibility and balance, so both combine well. I do a lot of box jumping and stretching.

5. You work with both kids and adults. What are some of the main differences in your lesson structure with each age level? Which do you like teaching better and why?

I tend to prefer adults coming back to the game. This is a game that all ages and levels can play with each other, so it works well socially.


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