MyTennisLessons Coach of the Month: Polina C. in Cary, NC

MyTennisLessons is pleased to announce Polina C. in Cary, NC, as our tennis coach of the month for June. She is doing a fantastic job teaching her students. We were able to find some time between lessons to ask Polina a few questions.

1. You were the three-time national champion in Uzbekistan as a junior player. Can you tell us about the training routine and work ethic that got you to that point?
I was practicing five to six times a week for two hours a day! My dad was my coach and I spent my childhood years on the tennis courts practicing and frequently traveling all over the Former Soviet Union playing tournaments!

2. As a junior, you also played doubles with former top tennis player Anna Kournikova. What was that relationship like?
We participated in the same tournaments during the summer tennis season in Baltic states, Beloruss and Ukrain. In many tournaments I competed against her in the finals. I played doubles with her several times. We were two happy, very competitive tennis friends!

3. After years of playing competitive and college tennis, what made you want to become a tennis coach?
I have two adorable boys who are a handful and very sporty! I decided when they were very young that I wanted to teach them to play tennis. I realized at that time that I love teaching kids and adults. My dad was always my tennis coach. He has always been my inspiration to teach tennis!

4. Do you like coaching kids or adults better and why?
I love to teach both kids and adults! Tennis is an incredible sport that fits all ages and keeps everyone healthy and happy. I enjoy helping people get excited about this game and learn as much as possible so that they can continue playing for the rest of their lives!

5. What’s your favorite part of the game to teach and why?
I love teaching the swinging volley because it is a very powerful and strategic shot! I also put a big emphasis on footwork because I believe it is a very important part of the game for great players!

6. What’s a fun fact about yourself?
I am always very positive, cheerful, fun to play with and learn from! I love sharing my passion about tennis as a lifetime sport!


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