MyTennisLessons: Two Years Later, We’re Still Alive and Kicking

There is nothing more powerful than youthful optimism. It can be defined as the brashness to pack a couple cars with only the possessions that fit and drive across the country. It can be defined as putting absolute trust into a few people you’ve never met. It can be defined as the belief that a simple idea can become a way of life. Youthful optimism is what has propelled us, MyTennisLessons, into the company we are today and what we hope to continue to be.

This week represents the two year anniversary of the time we up and moved our lives from the friendly confines of the east coast to the heartland of Texas. Thinking about it now my palms become sweaty and my heart skips a beat. The feeling of anxiety however, doesn’t originate from any form of regret, but rather from the sense of stability my team members and I share. I simply couldn’t imagine leaving behind what we have created.

Sure, things looked bleak after a couple of weeks of living in a Super 8 upon arriving in Austin, but what kind of story would this be without a bit of hardship. The first few months we toiled away building the website, while simultaneously (and unknowingly) laying the groundwork for our company’s culture. Picking up key members along the way we have turned into not only an efficient team, but a cohesive support group. To be honest, I never thought I would spend so much time with 4 guys but it has helped define this business when it so easily could have been its demise.

I believe I speak for all of us when I say that these two years have been a crash course in what it takes to turn a fledgling startup into a legitimate company. Personally, I went from a daydreaming-English/Art History-majoring-vagabond to an essential cog of up and coming business. I could pitch you our big picture plan or bore you with our evolving SEO strategy, but none of that would do this experience justice. It’s not just our learned business skills or amazing connections that give us hope. It’s the fact that we still have that youthful optimism.

For every disgruntled customer there’s an infinitely grateful one. For every dev team mishap there is a brilliant technical creation. For every passionate disagreement there is a seamless collaboration. Keeping this mindset in the forefront of our thinking has allowed us to thrive. It would be so much easier to adopt a cynical view during tough times but this endeavor has taught me that’s the quickest way to turn things to shit.

Resolve a petty quarrel over a proper pint. Relish in working with people smarter than yourself. Listen to others, especially when you least want to do so. Be youthfully optimistic. These are just a few things I’ve picked up over the past two years that will hopefully continue to propel us forward. Thank you to all our instructors, customers, mentors, friends, and family members for all your support. Here’s to 2014 and beyond.

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