Need To Get Away? The Best Tennis Vacations for Summer

It’s never too early to start planning your summer vacations. Naturally you’ll consider a trip to somewhere sunny, exotic and ultimately memorable. Have you however, considered the possibility of not sacrificing any of that and at the same time creating the ultimate tennis experience? We’re here to tell you it’s possible.

Whether with strangers or friends, it’s always nice to have the company of fellow tennis enthusiasts. It does sound nice to get out and exercise, improve your game and of then find a quiet spot to relax in the sun.

Here are four places that have the potential to be your next tennis vacation.

The Villas of Amelia Island Plantation (FLORIDA)

The Villas of Amelia Island Plantation is located on Amelia Island, which is just off the coast of Northeast Florida. This resort offers aFlorida_1 great tennis program that works in conjunction with Cliff Drysdale Tennis, the tennis academy of the legendary professional tennis player and announcer.

Individuals, couples, families or team groups can enjoy the various programs on the 23 Har-Tru fast dry clay courts that the facility has to offer.

Adult Camps

Either alone (that’s kind of depression though) or as a couple, this place has a 2 or 3 day program that offers top instruction and conditioning.

  • Group lessons

  • Private lessons (video analysis available)

  • Unlimited court time before and after camp programs

  • Use of ball machine

  • Access to Fitness Center (steam room, hot tub, pool, workout facilities)

Florida_2If you have a whole group of friends or teammates who want to go on a tennis vacation you can also decide to the group camp that requires at least 3 players.

  • Private group instruction

  • Unlimited court time before and after camp programs

  • Access to Fitness Center

  • Courtside beverages

Junior Camps

For a whole family tennis vacation the Villas of Amelia Island also offers a junior program that usually runs from Monday through Friday (early June until mid August)

  • Up to four hours of tennis instruction

  • Drills, skills, and games

  • Swimming

  • Team competitions

  • Sports activities

John Newcombe Tennis Ranch (TEXAS)

Ok, Texas isn’t the most exotic place on earth, but If you want to have the full Texas Tennis experience, partake in a vacation at the John Newcombe Tennis Ranch in New Braunfels, Texas. Located in the heart of Texas, you are only 40 minutes or less from two of the greatest cities in the country, San Antonio and Austin. If you are with a group of friends or with your family, the 27 hard courts and 4 hydro clay courts at the John Newcombe Tennis Ranch are ready to be played on.

Adult Vacations

If you come alone (Again, don’t. Depressing) or in a group, one instructor caps lessons at four students so your instructor has enough time to focus on your individual game. You can book this vacation for a weekend or a whole week. Whatever is best for you.

Junior Summer Camps

Of course, while you are on the court your kid has to be entertained as well. Besides tennis, the Junior Camp offers a variety of other activities over the week to hold your child’s attention and maintain the fun.

  • 5 to 6 hours of instruction per day

  • Matchplay (singles, doubles, practice matches)

  • Drills/ Tournament

  • Fun activities

  • Swimming/ games

  • Evening activities

Sign up your child here!

Marbella Tennis Academy & Holidays (SPAIN)

Marbella_1Are you looking for a European getaway without sacrificing beaches and sun? You should check out the Marbella Tennis Academy & Holidays in Marbella, Spain. Unsurprisingly, this facility is known for their clay courts. You’ll be able to prove yourself on the surface Rafael Nadal and the rest of the Spanish players usually dominate. In case you want to stick to the surface you are used to, the tennis club also offers hard courts.

Group Holiday Packages

If you decide to go to Spain, make sure to bring friends, family or teammates in order to make the experience even more unique. Bring at least three other people to have a Marbella Group Vacation for either three days or a weekend (I’m sure you can extend your stay if you like to).

  • Arranged Matches and Tournaments

  • Group Coaching (Special Discounts for Individual Coaching)

  • Tennis balls provided

Caneel Bay (St. John, U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS)

Caneel_Bay_BeachIf a trip over the Atlantic seems a bit excessive, try one of the British Virgin Islands that also offer tennis vacations in paradise. The resort I suggest going to is called Caneel Bay which is located on St. John, the least commercial of the Islands. In between your tennis sessions you will be able to enjoy the welcoming beaches and breathtaking views on the island. By the way, St. John’s National Park covers three-fifths of the whole island.

Create your individual tennis vacation

At Caneel Bay you have the option to choose from whatever you want to focus on during your tennis vacation. You can build your own individual (and your friends’) tennis schedule for the whole stay on the island. Choose the activities most important to you from the list below. You also have the choice of instructor, ensuring they fit perfectly into your individual vacation schedule.

  • Drill Clinic

  • Play Clinic

  • Round Robin

  • Private lessons

  • Group lessons


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