Rally For Relief: Playing Tennis for Hurricane Sandy Victims

Last weekend the MyTennisLessons.com crew along with the Austin tennis community came together and raised $600 for the Sandy hurricane victims back home on the east coast. The fundraiser was organized by Anthony Tatu of the Austin Tennis Blog. The event consisted of some great round robin tennis matches and a raffle at the end. My co-founder, roommate, and best buddy Jesse Silkoff told me he too had a blast at the event on Sunday.  “It was really great of Anthony to organize the event for such a wonderful cause. I had a ton of fun and enjoyed meeting a lot of great people.”

Also in attendance was Jason Wilks, one of our most popular tennis coaches who teaches tennis lessons in Austin and strings tennis racquets as well. It was great seeing Jason and meeting other tennis enthusiasts in the community. While Jesse and I did not win the raffle and the new pink tennis bag filled with brand new socks (which we both could have desperately used… please send socks mom!), the event was a great success. We all hope to be a part of future Austin fundraisers, especially when it means helping those back home.


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