8 Reasons Why Coaching in Your Free Time is Beneficial

The team of instructors at MyTennisLessons is a diverse group of people who hail from a number of states, cities and small towns and have a variety of tennis, educational and professional backgrounds. Not every instructor is a full-time coach. We have science teachers, spanish teachers, retirees, college students, medical students, mothers, fathers, grandparents and former professional players. But every instructor has one thing in common: we all love tennis. If coaching is something you do in your free time, you already realize its benefits. But just in case you need a reminder, here’s eight reasons why you should keep doing what you do.

For exercise
If you’ve been a tennis player all your life there’s nothing more pleasant than getting some light exercise on the court. Feeding balls or hitting with a student keeps you active and gives you the chance to play a little tennis especially if making time to hit on your own doesn’t always fit in your schedule.


For joy
There’s joy in introducing someone to tennis for the first time or allowing a student to discover their love for the sport. Having a part-time job that is also one of your passions makes it feel like fun, not work.


For learning
If you’re working with advanced players you can certainly learn a thing or two from their technique. The best teachers are also those who listen and learn from their students. Even understanding why a player is making a mistake can improve your own game or help you better comprehend the sport as a whole. You may even develop new drills for different skill sets. With each new student comes new challenges and new opportunities to learn.


For friends 
When you get a new student, you’re also meeting a new friend. Tennis players come from diverse backgrounds, vary widely in age, and have many different interests, so you can be sure you’ll have an interesting conversation every water break.



For relaxation
If the tennis court is your happy place, teaching lessons is a break from work and any other stressors in your life. So take a breath, the only things you need to keep track of are the racket in your hand and that little yellow ball.


For teaching
The ability to teach others is a great gift. Being able to show a student how to do something new, watch them accomplish it and see the smile on their face afterward makes every lesson rewarding.


For sunshine
The beauty of teaching tennis is that for the most part, your work is outside. If you spend the majority of your day in a classroom or office, catching some rays is just what you need. One of the best things for your mental and physical well-being is natural light and fresh air.


For giving
As a coach you’re also a mentor and supporter. You’re going to make positive changes in someone’s life whether that’s making them a better player or giving them an opportunity to have fun. Watching a student grow and develop as a player is one of the greatest senses of pride for tennis coaches. So continue to challenge, motivate and encourage. You’re benefitting someone else, but you’re also benefiting yourself.


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