Respect the Wrist: Review of Wristpect Sport! Wristbands

Yesterday afternoon, my coworker Dan went to get the office mail and came back with a present for me — multiple packs of colorful sweatbands from Wristpect Sport! ready for our review. I was so excited to receive these bands after speaking with the company’s founder, a tennis enthusiast who is eager to share her unique product with the tennis community.

We received the Women’s Infinity Wristband Single and the Hippie & Peacock Wristband Set. Dan wasn’t concerned that this particular design is for women and promptly accessorized himself with the Infinity. Here’s us modeling the designs we received. Luckily, I spent an absurd amount of money on a manicure this weekend, so I was ready for my closeup.


We ended up wearing the wristbands for the rest of the workday because we found them so comfortable. My coworker Michael was quite jealous of the Peacock design on my left wrist, but my lower arm felt too cozy to let him borrow it.

Unfortunately, it’s been rainy and cold for the past week in Austin, so we didn’t think we could try our bands out on the tennis court just yet. After work, Dan said he was going for a run and I decided to go to the gym so that we could put the sweat-resistant fabric to the test. Here’s me being really awkward pre-gym and attempting to model the full look with this shrugging gesture. I believe in the fashion industry they call this facial expression the “smize.”


At the gym I kept playing with my wristbands because I wasn’t used to wearing something there, but they definitely came in handy for wiping sweat from my face. Plus, I felt ultra fashion-foward among the muscle-tee wearing men who usually overtake my gym. Dan informed me at the office this morning that he did not go for a run, but instead took a two-hour nap while wearing his wristband. Apparently he had a very vivid dream about playing tennis with it on. He is still wearing the wristband as I write this, which means he hasn’t taken it off in 20 hours.

If you haven’t heard of Wristpect Sport! before reading this, you should definitely check it out. I had seen its wristbands on tennis websites before and really loved the fun patterns. You can get your trendy tennis dresses and vibrant polos from Nike or Adidas, but the name-brands don’t make wristbands like these!

American tennis player Bethanie Mattek-Sands knows how to look cool while staying cool on the court — she wore Wristpect’s products at the 2015 Australian Open. Here she is rocking the Giraffe and Kaleidoscope designs on her way to winning the women’s doubles title.

After browsing Wristpect’s site, I decided my favorite design is the Ivy & League wristband set. I think these would look super pretty with a white tennis dress.

Dan’s favorite is the Free & Spirit set, one of two designs for men on the site. Hopefully Wristpect has more designs for guys in the works soon!


Wristpect also makes wristbands for kids as well as T-shirts and tank tops. In addition, the company has made custom wristbands for a Mylan World Team Tennis franchise and a Dallas area women’s tennis league. If you’re ready to up your fashion game, head to Wristpect’s site and look through its products! We at MyTennisLessons have definitely enjoyed them.


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