Scrambling for a Last Second Valentine’s Day Gift? MTL Has You Covered.

This Friday is a day most guys dread. Not because they aren’t excited about spending a special day with their significant other, but rather because they don’t want to mess up their Valentines Day gift. Every guy has probably at least once gotten the dreaded “Are you serious?” look from their girlfriend or wife look upon opening their gift.

Most guys just wing it and hope for the best and more often than not it turns out okay. You tried and that’s what matters.


There are however, plenty of you out there who are completely hopeless when it comes to buying Valentine’s Day gifts. Matching loofahs? Really dude?


With that being said, it takes a bit of effort to find the perfect gift for your special someone, especially with that many options out there. Besides being creative and taking her out on an unexpected date, jewelry might be the most common, but fail safe, option for Valentine’s day. I can’t deny it, what girl doesn’t like diamonds & co?


Buying jewelry however, isn’t actually that easy. Should you go with a bracelet, ring, necklace or earrings. Not just that, but what brand should you go with? How much should you even be spending? You know what her birthstone is right?


We’re hear to tell you there is a classic option for anyone who wants to impress for Valentine’s day: The Tennis Bracelet.

You might be wondering what a Tennis Bracelet is. Don’t worry it’s it is not a sweaty wristband you are supposed to wear while on the court. It is an elegant bracelet consisting of a row of sparkling diamonds wrapped around one’s wrist. In some circles it is also known as an Eternity Bracelet. Whether you call it an Eternity Bracelet or Tennis Bracelet, everyone agrees it looks daaamn good.


So now you know it’s fancy enough for your girlfriend’s wrist let us tell you how it got its name. Let me set the scene. It’s 1987. The legend and 18 time Grand Slam winner Chris Evert is partaking in a match at the US Open. During a point, Evert lost the bracelet she had been wearing throughout the match. More concerned about her jewelry than the match, she ran to the empire to ask for a break. Play was stopped allowing her to locate her diamond accessory. Since it was America’s sweetheart Chris Evert who was playing during the most televised tournament in the US, millions of people witnessed this bizarre event. Now you know how the Tennis Bracelet got its name.


So what are you waiting for, go out, go online, do whatever it takes to get that Tennis Bracelet. It’s the classic piece of jewelry that is missing from your significant other’s collection.


Wait, what’s that? You’ve been lazy about her birthday gifts, holiday gifts, and the last four Valentine’s Day gifts and gotten her jewelry every single time?


Forget everything I just told you. Buy some tennis lessons for the both of you and have a magical time out on the court with one of our MTL instructors. Find an instructor near you by filling in your tennis lesson needs or call us and we’ll play matchmaker for your Valentine’s Day.



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