Tennis Coach of the Month: Lars N. in Duluth, GA

MyTennisLessons is pleased to announce Lars N. in Duluth, GA, as our tennis coach of the month for January. He is doing a fantastic job teaching his students. We were able to find some time between lessons to ask Lars a few questions.

You played at the competitive junior level in Europe. How has that influenced the way you coach junior players now?

I think mostly it has influenced me in that I know how a player feels in certain situations and therefore I can relate to them in a way that’s maybe more subtle and easy, without being too much of a “parent.” In general, having played the juniors at a good level gives you a bit of a coaching advantage when it comes to things like match anxiety, tryouts and so forth.

You’ve coached tennis teams to several titles over the years. What has been your secret to success?

I don’t know if there’s a secret to that success other than really enjoying what I do, working really hard with people and wanting to teach them well.


Can you describe a favorite memory with a student you have coached?

Obvious moments that come to mind are when a kid turns up doing great in tournaments or playing the tour and so forth, but the best moments to me are always when you get through to an intermediate player whose goal isn’t to become a great college player. When you have a kid that didn’t have much confidence in him or herself and you show them, “Hey, you can do this sort of thing” — that breeds confidence in other areas of life. Those to me are the best moments by far.

You’re a guitar player in the band The El Caminos. Tell us about how that passion started.

Well … long story, but I’ll keep it short … hahaha. I’ve been a working songwriter and touring/recording musician for more than 20 years now. I have just always loved music since I was a little kid and I found that it works great along with the tennis teaching life. Both are very social jobs and I enjoy them immensely.

What’s your favorite aspect of the game to teach and why?

The easy answer would be doubles because I enjoy teaching strategy and court position.  However, I really do enjoy all of it — it depends on the student/team.


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