Tennis Pro Advice: Knowing When to Get Your Racquet Restrung

When should I have my racquet re-strung? This is a question as a teaching pro I get from many of the adult players who seek my help in improving their tennis games.

stringing-image1The answer requires a little math and depending how serious of a competitor you aspire to be, the weather also needs to figure in to when your racquets should receive a tune up. Of course other considerations need to be explored like, where do you store your racquet? Do you keep it in the trunk of your car without a bag or do you keep it in a nice bag in your closet or even without the bag? The closet is best for it will keep your strings at a steady tension however if dust is on your racquet when you pick it up to play you should have it restrung before you play an important match then.

In the trunk is a different scenario altogether. If it is very hot like it gets here in Austin your strings will stretch and lose a lot of tension. In some cases as much as 5 pounds of control can melt away in your car. So a tip for you is to do your best not to store your frames in the trunk.

Now, lowering the tension will give you alot more power but, as with a trampoline, the strings can get too bouncy and your shots will begin to fly all over the tennis court. In perfect conditions, you should have your frame(s) restrung as many times a year as you play per week. Example: If you play 4 times a week you should have your frame(s) you use restrung 4 times a year. Divide it out evenly.

Also in the cold months the more serious player should lower their tension by about 2 to 5 pounds depending on playing style and more importantly just how cold it gets in the winter. I like the easy rule of: a pound of tension for each layer you need to wear to play tennis outside. Follow these simple guidelines and you will perform at a more consistent level during the year, but nothing takes the place of sound technique and fitness you gain from taking lessons from a quality tennis instructor.

Jack A. is a tennis instructor with MyTennisLessons located in Round Rock, TX. He is well known in Plugerville and Round Rock as being a top tennis pro who is known to get the most out of any player, whether a beginner or experienced player. His 25 years of teaching experience and professional playing background certainly go a long way. Visit Jack’s Profile for more information. 


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