Tennis Tournament Tourism: Enjoy the Tradition of Wimbledon & the Unique Charm of London

Forget the World Cup, it’s time for the most prestigious tennis tournament of the year, Wimbledon. There’s nothing quite like traveling down to south London to get a glimpse of the tennis stars and mingle of with some like minded tennis fanatics.

Besides the fact that Wimbledon is one of the most beautiful tennis venues on the planet, there are many reasons to check out Wimbledon even when the tournament isn’t going on. For one, it’s in one of the most exciting, diverse, and historical Global cities in the world. After you spend an afternoon either sitting up on Henman Hill (or Murray Mound as they call it now) or eating a bit of strawberry and cream, head downtown and get a taste of what it would be like to live in London.

(1) Ride a Double Decker Bus

Eugenie Bouchard may not have taken a ride on the iconic red double decker buses, but at least they understand their importance to the perfect London instagram photo. I’d suggest just getting on one, sitting on the top and very front and see where it takes you. If you close to the city center it will be a memorable ride no matter where it takes you.

Buckhingham Palace(2) Buckingham Palace

This palace is one of the go to places while in London. It’s impossible not to be enamored with it’s grandeur. There are always people hanging out in the square and the surrounding St. James park, which makes for a surprisingly lively atmosphere. Once you are there, you can also catch the Changing of the Guard, which and unique ceremony held every day. To be honest, it’s quite boring. Not enough gun swirling if you ask me.

Piccadilly Circus(3) Piccadilly Circus

Piccadilly Circus may by definition be just a round open space at a street junction that connects two main streets in London, but it’s so much more than that. This is one of the most popular areas to go out clubbing, dining or shopping. Tourists and locals alike flock to this area both during the day and night to get a unique and stimulating (you can’t miss the video display and neon sign) London experience.

Big Ben(4) Big Ben

If you don’t know what Big Ben is then you really need to get out a bit. This iconic clock is the largest four-faced chiming clock in the world and is the third-tallest free-standing clock tower. Go ahead, be a tourist and get a picture in front of Big Ben from the Westminster Bridge. You’ll be glad you did it a few years from now.

London Eye(5) London Eye

This London ferris wheel is located right on the side of the River Thames. This is London’s most popular attraction you actually have to pay for (all the museums in London are free. I’d highly recommend them). More than 3.5 million visitors enjoy a ride on the London Eye every year. Trust me, it is worth the money and wait, but be sure it isn’t cloudy at all. The view really is breathtaking.

(6) Ascot Horse Race

Sabine Lisicki went a little outside of London to enjoy one of the most classy sports (next to tennis of course). The Ascot Racecourse is one of England’s most famous courses located in Ascot, Berkshire. If you have the desire to show off the newest style of hats then you are in the right place. Look at Sabine, hopefully she enjoys her time on the court as much as she is enjoying herself at the racetrack.

River Thames(7) Thames River Cruise

Considering the River Thames flows through most of London, you’d regret not buying a ticket to partake in a boat tour. It is also a nice break from the hustle of the tournament and the city in general.

(8) Enjoy a local pub

There’s nothing quite like walking into a dark old pub, grabbing a pint and enjoying the ambiance. Pub culture is a very really thing in the UK and London offers up some of the most cozy yet lively drinking experiences. Any street you walk during the day you’ll see pubs overflowing with people in suits, taking a much needed break from their jobs. Tough life huh?


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