Tennis Tournament Tourism: Strasbourg at a Glance

Before heading over to Paris for the French Open next week, we want to get you in the right mood for the french lifestyle by taking you on a trip to Strasbourg. The tennis starlets of the pro tour are competing in the “Internationaux de Strasbourg” this week, and will certainly be getting enjoying more than just some WTA points when visiting this city.

French Alizé Cornet for example, can’t wait to defend her Strasbourg title this week.


(1) Strasbourg Cathedral
The Strasbourg Cathedral is one of the best examples of late Gothic architecture and a must see if you are into architecture, or general epicness. For over 220 years, between 1647 to 1874, it was also the tallest building in the world and still ranks as the six-tallest church in the world.

Morning walk in Strasbourg🚶😊Утренняя прогулка по Страсбургу🚶😊


Petite France(2) Petite France

You want to explore an unique corner in the middle of Strasbourg? Go to the place, they call “La Petite France”, a popular corner that offers tourists a lot of restaurants, hotels, and souvenir shop options. What’s so special about it? A river (Ill river) cascades through an area of half-timbered houses. So European.


(3) Park of the Orangerie

Whether you are looking to enjoying a relaxing sunday afternoon walk or get the kids some exercise in the fresh air, the Park of the Orangerie does the trick. Located in front of the Council of Europe, you can enjoy the miniature farm and zoo free of charge after you become sick of the beautiful trees and flowers around you. What’s that? You’re also up for a little boat trip? The Park of the Orangerie is equipped with a lake and a waterfall what ensures a scenic view while on the water.


Vauban Weir(4) Vauban weir

Located near Petite France (#2), the vauban weir was built in the 17th century, originally with the aim of reinforcing the town’s security. The gates could be closed to prevent invaders’ boats to enter the city. Nowadays, the building houses rotating exhibitions in its main level and offers a panoramical terrace on the roof.


Gutenberg Monument(5) Gutenberg Monument

You can get a glimpse of history visiting the Gutenberg Monument. Even though Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of movable type (aka the most revolutionary printing press that essentially altered the course of history forever), was born in Mainz, his first attempts at printing with movable type took place in none other city than Strasbourg.


(6) European Parliament

I bet you didn’t know Strasbourg is the official seat of the European Parliament. Each month, its members meet for four days to vote and debate in so called plenary sessions. If you want to sneak in one of the sessions or just have a tour through the building, make sure to book a free guided tour in advance. It’s quite popular.


(7) Just Explore On Your Own

Do it as Elena Vesnina did: just talk a walk through this beautiful city and explore the sights on your own. You’ll be surprised by how much fun it can be to just get lost in a new city. Not knowing what you might find around the next corner is exhilarating no matter where you are.


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