The Best Cities for Tennis Players to Retire

Are you looking to retire and relocate? If you’re ready to spend your retirement playing and watching tennis all day, look no further than the following cities. We’ve scoped out the best places for retirees who prefer to have a racquet in their hand.

Cape Coral, Florida

Major public tennis facilities: Yacht Club Community Park (5 courts), Hancock Community Park (5 courts)

Private tennis clubs: Cape Coral Racquet Club (10 courts)

courtesy of Cape Coral Racquet Club Facebook page

With its year-round warm climate, Florida has long been a haven for America’s retired population. And Cape Coral, Florida, located in the southern part of the state on the Gulf of Mexico, is consistently listed as one of the nation’s best cities to retire. Cape Coral’s good air quality, low cost of living, access to the water and relaxed environment allows residents of this community to lead a comfortable lifestyle.

While Cape Coral is a choice location for all retirees, it’s an even better one for retired tennis players. The Lee County Community Tennis Association, serving Cape Coral and surrounding areas, has been named the USTA National Community Tennis Association of the Year and helps senior players stay active in tennis through lessons and clinics, leagues, round robins and tournaments. A few hours drive from Miami, Cape Coral residents can easily attend one of the United States’ largest professional tennis tournaments, the Miami Open. We’re ready to relocate to Cape Coral already.

Hilton Head, South Carolina

Private tennis clubs: The Sea Pines Resort (23 courts), Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort (25 courts), Shipyard Plantation Club (17 courts)

courtesy of Palmetto Dunes Tennis Center Facebook page

Luxurious Hilton Head Island is a top vacation spot for both young families and seniors. With beaches, bike trails, golf courses and tennis courts, Hilton Head is the definition of outdoor leisure. Additionally, the Hilton Head area’s warm climate, low crime rate and high walkability make it an ideal destination for retirees, though the cost of living is higher than in other cities.

Hilton Head is one of the most well-known tennis destinations as the island has an abundance resorts with world-class courts. As the home of Professional Tennis Registry and Van der Meer Tennis Academy, Hilton Head is an active tennis community for coaches and players alike. In the spring, dozens of college tennis teams flood Hilton Head to play competitively and train for the season, allowing tennis fans the opportunity to watch some great matches. Retired tennis players can practice year-round in Hilton Head, where they will find numerous highly qualified pros as well as many incredible private clubs to join. Sounds like it’s time to head to South Carolina.

Athens, Georgia

Major public tennis facility: University of Georgia (12 courts)

Private tennis club: Athens Country Club

Downtown Athens (left photo courtesy of, right photo courtesy of

The bustling college town of Athens is a perfect spot for intellectual and literary types who happen to love tennis. With a good tax climate, low crime rate and plenty of walkable areas, Athens has been named one of the best places to retire by national publications for several consecutive years. Reside downtown in one of Athen’s new high-rise condominiums and embrace the cultural experience that is living in “The Liverpool of the South.”

As the home of University of Georgia, Athens is full of dedicated tennis fans. The top-ranked Division I Bulldogs have graduated some of the world’s best tennis players, among them John Isner and Mikael Pernfors. In addition, the state of Georgia is one of the most active tennis playing communities. The Georgia Tennis Association has the biggest membership in the USTA Southern section, and Atlanta (just an hour away from Athens) has the world’s largest local tennis association with more than 80,000 members. That’s a lot of tennis players.

If you’ll be retiring soon, take a visit to one of these superb cities. One of them may be your next home!


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