The Rise of Beach Tennis

Hanging out at a Los Angeles beach all weekend but still want to get someĀ tennis practice in? You can do it all with Beach Tennis, the game that combines all of the best aspects of volleyball and tennis into one. Improve your explosive first steps and your net game, all while having a great time on the beach.

beach tennis

Beach Tennis started in Ravenna, Italy about 100 years ago, and it has spread all across the the world’s beaches. It has gained a lot of popularity due to how easily anyone can pick it up. Between 2 and 4 players stand on each side of a volleyball net (depending on your skill level), and you use paddles and a depressurized tennis ball. The ball can never touch the ground (it really wouldn’t bounce on sand anyways), making it a great game to help your reflexes, volleys, and overhead smashes.

You can just rally back and forth, or you can challenge your friends or even your archenemies to a beach tennis game! Want to turn pro? The International Tennis Federation has recognized the sport and holds tournaments all over the world!

Check out the competition from this first round match at the 2013 World Championships!

Wimbledon Special (8)



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