New York State of Mind: Advice for U.S. Open Tourists

About 700,000 people will attend the U.S. Open this year, and many are not native New Yorkers. If you’re in town to watch some tennis, whether you’ve been to the Big Apple before or not, you’re probably looking for some places to go not on the list of typical tourist destinations. I asked my Manhannite friend Katie about some of her favorite spots to go in New York City, so as a MTL blog reader you can have an exclusive list of new places to check out.

Avery: So I know you love food. What’s a restaurant you would definitely recommend to New York tourists?

Katie: Okay … Miss Lily’s. It’s Caribbean/Jamaican food and the atmosphere is trendy while simultaneously chill. There’s lots of fish and jerk chicken on the menu, and it’s all amazing … and don’t forget to order the mac n’ cheese pie on the side.

Avery: What about a place to get drinks after a long day of watching tennis?

Katie: Dos Caminos. It may not exactly be a “secret spot” because it’s insanely popular and there are like five or six of them throughout Manhattan, but it’s def some of the best Mexican food you’re gonna have in the city. The guacamole is out of this world. Literally you could just eat the guac and order drinks. They have this insanely hot cocktail called El Diablo that is not suited for the weak of heart (or stomach) … it’s a kicker.

Avery: A lot of the matches don’t start until midday. Any brunch places you’d recommend?

Katie: New Yorkers love brunch more than most. Charlie Bird has amazing scallops and mimosas. Like … do you really need anything else?

Avery: Okay, enough about food. What should people do in between catching the action at the U.S. Open?

Katie: In terms of stuff to do … I’d say wandering the high line. Sure, there are tourists, but it’s not nearly as hectic and unruly as time square.

Also, in Astoria/Queens there’s the museum of the moving image (MoMI), the lesser known younger sibling to the museum of modern art (MoMa). It has relics (costumes, props, etc.) from classic movies and television shows and is probably one of the coolest museums I’ve ever been too. If you want to take your museum experience up a notch I would recommend the always entertaining Museum of Sex … lol.

Avery: Anything else?

Katie: In Brooklyn (Williamsburg on the weekends) there’s a food tent set up called Smorgasburg … which is a great way to try a whole bunch of amazing food in the same place, and also snag some awesome NYC skyline pictures because it’s right on the water.

Avery: Last thoughts for our readers visiting NYC for the first time?

Katie: Final words: never underestimate the power of cheap Chinese takeout eaten in Central Park, and always remember that if you pay more than $1 for a slice of pizza, you’re being scammed.



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