10 Things Tennis Parents Do That Their Kids Hate

Tennis parents are notorious for being intense. And the kids of those parents? Yeah, they’re not exactly cool with it. God love ya, mom and dad, but please stop shouting encouragement after every point I lose.

You know who you are, tennis parents. These are 10 things you do that your kids hate.

1. Think you know better than our coach.

You’re an ophthalmologist, Dad, not an expert on volleys.


2. Make us hit while we’re on vacation.

So glad we came to Cabo to spend time on the tennis court!


3. Get so nervous that you can’t even watch our match.

It’s totally fine; you can be just as supportive while hyperventilating in our Honda Odyssey minivan.


4. Cheer excessively when we hit a winner in an otherwise silent tennis center.

Odd. I don’t know that woman.


5. Or worse, clap when our opponent makes an unforced error.

Gotta love it from the person who gave me all those lectures about good character.


6. Attempt to coach through hand signals and mouthing words.

Whatcha doin’ over there, Dad? Swatting a fly?


7. Yell out the score when we disagree with our opponent.

Can’t wait for this USTA official to come over and ask you to “please quiet down, ma’am.”


8. Try to analyze our mistakes after we lose.

Soooo not the move. All I want to discuss is the Chipotle burrito bowl you’re about to buy me.


9. Or when we’re upset about losing, tell us that it’s just a game.

Oh really, Deborah? You were taking it pretty seriously when you insisted I practice every day this weekend.


10. Initiate a conversation about college scholarships.

I’ll take a rain check until I’m at least in ninth grade.

Mostly kidding, parents. You guys are great — and anyone who wakes up at 5 a.m. to drive their kid to a tennis tournament deserves a medal. But seriously, don’t do that clapping thing.


I grew up in a tennis family with three younger sisters as doubles partners. If you enjoyed a blog post of mine or want to know more, feel free to email me at avery@mytennislessons.com. Thanks for reading and staying connected with MyTennisLessons!
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