Funniest Tennis Moments, On and Off the Court

Tennis isn’t always all about intensity and match winning. Sometimes in between points, games and matches incredible and hilarious events go down. Here are some examples that hopefully give you a taste of the enjoyable humour of both male and female pro tennis players.

Novak Djokovic hugs opponent during a rally
While Ana Ivanovic was having a bit of fun with a lobbing rally, Novak Djokovic got a bit bored and sought out some man love.

Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal can’t stop laughing
Here’s the proof that even though Roger and Rafa are huge rivals on court, they get along quite well off the court. The two friends took part in a promotion video for one of their exhibition matches and started a giggling fit that is 100% contagious.

Li Na’s hilarious speech after winning the Australian Open
If you missed Li Na’s performance, including her post-match speech, at the Australian Open earlier this year, here’s the chance to watch it. It’s undoubtedly one of the funniest Grand Slam Champion speeches ever. “Now my husband…Thanks a lot you are a nice guy and also you are so lucky to find me.” Gold.

Kim Clijsters on-court interview: “You thought I was pregnant?”
Apparently, it is very true that women cannot keep secrets amongst themselves, especially when the rumor comes from a guy. This poor interviewer gets some unexpected, but not entirely unwarranted, attention.

Del Potro plays photographer on court
Already down one set in a match against Llorda, Del Potro decided it might be a good idea to seek out another career path. I guess it’s worth sitting in the front row of a tennis tournament for the view as well as this once in a lifetime tweeting and instagramming opportunity.


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