How To Prepare Your Child for Competitive Tennis: Step 2

STEP 2: Arrange Matches with Friends and Family

Taking the first steps in a competitive environment can be daunting for a beginner, even if you’ve reiterated that it is okay if you lose after giving it your best shot. It is best to introduce your youngster to competition in a fun, playful, and familiar setting. When growing up a child will be more apt to take to, or have a preference for an activity that puts them in a familiar and comfortable setting. By merely repeatedly exposing an activity, in this case tennis, in a positive manner to your child they will innately find it pleasing.

One way to achieve this is by having their first matches come against good friends or family. Being able to simulate a competitive experience in a non threatening way is key when getting them to take to any sport. This way you can observe your kid’s behavior and, if necessary, take the initiative and loosen the pressure of the situation.

Making sure your child feels comfortable on the court by playing with people they trust becomes even more important when you consider the solitude of a competitive player. The first time your child steps on the court and they realize they only have themselves to rely on, you’ll want them to be prepared. Put them in a situation to succeed by facilitating practice matches with family and friends.

STEP 1: Find Out If Your Child Is Ready

STEP 2: Arrange Matches with Friends and Family

STEP 3: Sign Up Your Child for USTA Play Days


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