Why Tennis?: Kids Learn Accountability on the Tennis Court

Parents, please get your kids on the tennis court. While you’re at it, get out there too! At MyTennisLessons we believe the choice to do so is simple; there are amazing benefits associated with playing tennis for your kids, yourself, and family.

This post is the first in what will be a regular series, in hopes of highlighting the benefits of consistent tennis play. You can’t expect to gain these benefits from playing only one time, can you? I know my mother used to find out every last detail about my activities growing up. As a kid I couldn’t stand it (Mom, my athletic cup isn’t too tight!), but I now understand that she was just making sure I was going to get the most out of my experience. That’s why we feel it’s important to give the tennis novice an inside look on what to expect with tennis lessons from MTL. Use this info as a topic of discussion with a spouse, with other parents, or your own son or daughter.

Reason 1: Accountability

I think few would argue there are many better feelings than setting out to accomplish a personal goal, and successfully accomplishing that goal. It is the best confidence builder. It builds trust in yourself. Even as an adult beginner, playing tennis challenges you to set goals, and achieve them. It can start with something as simple as “I will hit 3 backhands in a row into the court today”. Maybe set some more ambitious goals for yourself such as, “I will beat my husband in a tennis match this year” (that husband is taking the loss like a great sport). How great would you feel achieving either of these admiral goals?

I’ll argue that the accountability tennis requires has even greater benefits for kids. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that there are few parents or kids who enjoy being around a kid that blames everything on others. Simply put, it’s not an admirable trait. As far as team sports go, basketball is my favorite. I do however, remember the car rides home from middle school Park and Rec basketball games. Three players from the same team riding in the same car, gossiping about and singling out a teammate that “blew the game”. When playing a tennis match a kid can only blame himself for a bad play. It is only you that can make the wrong decision, or the right one at that. This a wonderful character builder.


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